11-year-old girl recovering after neighbor shot her by accident

11-year-old girl accidentally shot by neighbor. (Provided by family)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — An 11-year-old girl was in her northwest side house on Friday when she heard gunshots.

As her mother ran downstairs, afraid of what was happening, she found her daughter shot.

It all began when a police officer tried to stop a car, but the driver took off. One of the two passengers jumped out of the car on Barnes Avenue and began running through the neighborhood.

A homeowner along W. 29th Street saw the commotion and as the suspect came to his house, that homeowner fired off shots.

Inside the home across the street was the 11-year-old girl. A bullet had pierced her side and passed right through her body. Her mother could see the hole in the wall and the couch it went through first.

“I was trying to scream out the window don't shoot. I was running downstairs to get my baby," Antionette Lanier said.

Her daughter was taken to the hospital and is now home resting and recovering with family.

The shooting itself remains under investigation. Indianapolis Metro Police could not clearly state if investigators will seek charges through the Marion County Prosecutors Office.

Either way, Lanier told Eyewitness News she will help defend her neighbor calling the shooting a complete accident.

Police were able to find and arrest the three suspects they had been chasing.