11-year-old cancer survivor enjoys Monster Jam VIP treatment and bedroom makeover


INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — Lucas Oil Stadium is filled with 6,000 tons of dirt as workers prepare a race track for Monster Jam this weekend. Saturday's event will cap an incredible week for a boy from the south side of Indianapolis.

Eleven-year-old James Egold spent most of Thursday with Tom Meents, driver of Max-D, or Maximum Destruction, one of 14 monster trucks racing this weekend.

James wants to see the monster trucks crush something.

"Back flips, front flips and jump over cars."

James climbed inside Max-D and tried on Meents' helmet over his bald head. James lost his hair during his battle with bone cancer in his fibula diagnosed last May.

"I had 29 treatments," James said.

After chemotherapy, surgery and more chemotherapy, James celebrated his final treatment Monday. Love Your Melon apparel partnered with Monster Jam to give James the VIP treatment this week.

"My son has just a wonderful spirit about him," said Tom Egold, James’ father. "The kid has been through an awful lot. For a 10, 11-year-old boy he's really just been able to roll with it."

Meents took James out to the floor of Lucas Oil Stadium to see the dirt course under construction.

"Two trucks take off at the same time, go over the ramps," Meents explained to James, pointing around the stadium floor. "They turn on the outside, go over the ramp and then they finish together in the middle."

While James checked out the dirt downtown and dug a hole with an excavator, volunteers from the Home Depot completed a three-day makeover of his bedroom at his home in Perry Township.

"They're changing my bed, dresser, cabinets and all that," said James.

The fourth-grader returned home late Thursday afternoon to find a loft bed he wanted with Monster Jam decor on every wall.

James can enjoy his new bedroom for a few days before the Monster Jam Saturday. A charter bus with a police escort will pick up James at his house, along with 35 family members and friends. They will watch Monster Jam from a suite at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Monster Jam has two events this weekend, Saturday at 7 p.m. and Sunday at 3 p.m.

For tickets to the events, click here.