INDIANAPOLIS — On Saturday, some of the best mullets in America faced off to see who rocks the infamous "business in the front, party in the back" style best at the Indiana State Fairgrounds.

For most, it was a chance to show off the might of their mullets for a shot at $500.

For one contestant, though, the competition was a time to pay homage to a hairstyle that represents the boldness of life itself. 

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Lissa Sears is an Indianapolis-based comedian who was diagnosed with breast cancer several years ago. The color of her mullet pays tribute to that hard fight. 

"After chemo, when I was bald, I wanted to grow it out into the mullet because I was like, 'What is the most opposite thing of bald?' It made total sense," Sears said. 

Credit: Madison Stacey
Lissa Sears is participating in the upcoming mullet championship at the Indiana State Fairgrounds.

As she recovered through the years and was eventually cured of the cancer, Sears' enthusiasm for life became expressed through bold hair styles — namely, the bright pink mullet she continues to wear.  

"That who I am. I just do it because 'YODO:' You only die once. Live every day, take all the chances," Sears said. 

Sears began growing this current mullet out in 2019. 

"I saw a meme once that said, 'If somebody has a mullet, they don't give a darn, believe them,' and it's true," Sears said. "It brings me joy. It doesn't matter at the end of the day." 

She knows people may scoff at the mullet or turn their noses up at it. Sears is used to people trying to snap sneaky photos. 

"I get stopped on the street daily. It's not that they love pink. It's not that they love a mullet. They love that I have the courage and ability to step outside my box. Do something I wanted to do for me," Sears said.

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Saturday marked her first time in a mullet competition, and she already knows training for this event is unlike any other. 

"This isn't like a hot dog competition. You train for years. You can't just wake up one day with a mullet," Sears said. 

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Credit: Madison Stacey
Lissa Sears pictured with her dog, Monkey, who also sports a mullet.

It was certainly a memorable debut, as Sears won the USA Mullet Championships' Indiana State Fair competition, securing a spot in the highly competitive "Top 25 for the Mane Event" this fall.

USA Mullet Championships is the nation's official mullet-ranking authority. Judges assessed multiple categories, including adult male, adult female, teen and children.

WTHR 13News' own Dave Calabro was among the judges.  

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