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08/24/16 12:57 pm EDT


Downpours and areas of gusty storms increase around the area this afternoon as tropical air surges northeastward. You can feel the difference in humidity and this aids in a chance severe wind gusts in stronger storm cells.

We'll see pockets of heavy storms the next 36 hours with the greatest coverage occurring this afternoon and overnight. Away from storms this afternoon heat indices climb into the 90s... but there's a greater chance area wide to have heat indices nearing 100 Thursday when we're expecting a longer window between morning and afternoon storms.

Storms Thursday could also near severe limits. While it's a rather low probability (less than 2% within 25 miles a point) we can't say tornadoes are impossible. But heavy rain and lightning remain the most likely threat you'll experience from storms.

Lower rain chances this weekend as temperatures heat up high pressure aloft puts a lid on our atmosphere. We'll monitor the southern coast of Florida and Gulf of Mexico for potential tropical development this weekend. Stay alert of the forecast if you're heading that direction - Sean Ash

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