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What is Twitter?

Twitter is basically e-mail, text messaging, Facebook status and a whole lot of other communication boiled down into one. You can let your friends and family (and future friends!) know what you're thinking, doing, feeling and reading with a quick note through Twitter. (Those are called "tweets". How cute!) What may have taken a string of phone calls or numerous text messages to share in the past can be done with one tweet and before you know it, the gang's all here!

Adding to the functionality, you can send tweets from both the web and your cell phone. Likewise, you can follow your friends' updates on your own phone, so you always know what they're up to. (Standard disclaimer time: While it's free to use Twitter, standard text messaging rates apply when you send/receive updates with your phone. Check with your phone service provider.) And while Twitter works great "out of the box", there are tons of applications out there that make it much easier to share your news.

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