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Prescription Privacy: By The Numbers

This graph shows the results of 13 Investigates' research into the problem of pharmacies throwing out sensitive patient information in unsecured dumpsters.

Prescription Privacy: The Numbers
296          Total dumpsters inspected

Pieces of information found with identifying information about customers and

their health

9 Pharmacy employees who told us to leave the property
416 Pills found in dumpsters
5   Times CVS denied WTHR's requests for an on-camera interview
$108 billion Total combined sales for Walgreens, CVS and RiteAid last year based on 12-month sales figures
69 %  Walgreens dumpsters checked that were locked or inaccessible to the public
65 % Unlocked Walgreens dumpsters in which we found personal information

Police officers who stopped to ask why we were inspecting dumpsters

13,846  Miles traveled by ground and air to inspect dumpsters
30    Consumer complaints now filed against pharmacies by the Indiana Board of Pharmacy
344 (and counting) Viewer phone calls and e-mails responding to WTHR's prescription privacy investigation











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