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Weather radio sales lead to big donation for Red Cross

Bob Segall/13 Investigates

13 Investigates exposes a major Cause for Alarm in central Indiana. Four months after our investigation, there's cause for celebration.

Our investigation on tornado sirens prompted Hoosiers to take action. Because of that, thousands of Indiana families are now more prepared for severe weather and a local charity is celebrating.

Following tornadoes and severe weather this spring, 13 Investigates took a closer look at hundreds of tornado sirens around central Indiana. Our investigation found those sirens failed to work properly thousands of times, many of them are broken beyond repair and nearly 200,000 families in the metro area live where there are no tornado sirens at all.

While exposing the problem, we also found a possible solution in the form of all hazard weather radios, devices that will wake you up to warn you about tornados and other severe weather, if you don't live near a siren or the closest one is broken.

Channel 13 teamed up with Midland Radio and HH Gregg to offer the weather radios at a big discount and the response from our viewers was huge.

"We sold close to 18,000 weather radios here in the Indianapolis market," said Jeff Pearson, HH Gregg.

For each weather radio sold, a portion of the proceeds was set aside for the American Red Cross and Friday morning, at Channel 13 studios, the Red Cross got a very large donation. "We'd like to present this check for nearly $44,000 to the Red Cross disaster relief fund," said Bruce Thomas, Midland Radio Corp.

The Red Cross says its ready to respond to weather like this and now, 18,000 families are better prepared for it, as well.

Our thanks to Midland Radio and HH Gregg for working with us on this community service project. If you don't have an all hazard weather radio -- it's not too late. They are still available at HH Gregg stores throughout central Indiana.

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