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Wal-Mart Attacks Democrats, Unfairly Criticizes Senator John Edwards, SenatorJoe Lieberman, and U.S. Senate Candidate Ned Lamont

WASHINGTON, Aug. 4 /U.S. Newswire/ -- The following is a statement by Paul Blank, campaign director for WakeUpWalMart.com:

"Wal-Mart has again unleashed its right wing attack dogs, like Kevin Sheridan, to attack Democrats.

Today, Wal-Mart's front group attacked leading members of the Democratic Party. Wal-Mart's spokesperson, Kevin Sheridan, who honed his skills attacking democrats like John Kerry and John Edwards in the 2004 election, released a statement today unfairly attacking John Edwards who is standing up for working families and fighting for a better America. This week alone, Wal-Mart's front groups have attacked Senator Joe Lieberman, U.S. Senate Candidate Ned Lamont, Gubernatorial Candidate John DeStefano, and other democrats.

Clearly, Wal-Mart's right wing operatives, many of whom now work for Wal-Mart's public relations firm Edelman, are feeling the enormous pressure of our growing national movement and campaign to change Wal-Mart.

For example, just in the past week, some of the nation's most prominent Democrats, including Senator John Edwards, Senator John Kerry, Senator Byron Dorgan, Senator Joe Lieberman, Representative Rosa DeLauro, U.S. Senate Candidate Representative Ben Cardin, U.S. Senate Candidate Ned Lamont, Gubernatorial Candidate John DeStefano, Gubernatorial Candidate Dan Malloy, U.S. Senate Candidate Kweisi Mfume, and Congressional Candidate and Iraq War Veteran Patrick Murphy, have stood up, joined together, and spoken out on why Wal-Mart must change into a more responsible employer that provides affordable health care, pays a living wage, and helps protect American jobs. Rather than listen to these sincere and patriotic voices calling for change, Wal- Mart resorts to partisan attacks.

Wal-Mart and its CEO Lee Scott should be ashamed of themselves. It is disgraceful for a $315 billion corporation to use the right-wing tactics of personal destruction and vicious right wing operatives, like Sheridan, to attack good Democrats and good Americans who want to change Wal-Mart and change America for the better. Wal-Mart must realize that this is not a fight between the left and right, or between good democrats and good republicans, but between those who want a better America and those who do not.

We call on Wal-Mart to publicly apologize for its actions and to rein in its right wing operatives, like Sheridan, who believe that the personal attacks they used to smear John Kerry and John Edwards in the 2004 election still apply today -– they do not!

Here are statements, made by Wal-Mart's Kevin Sheridan, attacking John Kerry and John Edwards during the 2004 campaign.

Kevin Sheridan, spokesman for the National Republican Committee said Kerry, as well as running mate U.S. Sen. John Edwards, D-N.C., "talk out of both sides of their mouths." (Reno Gazette-Journal, October 23, 2004)

Kevin Sheridan had an even stronger record of dismissing John Edwards' concerns. In 2002, John Edwards criticized the creation of the Department of Homeland Security as unlikely to fix the bureaucratic problems in U.S. security. Republican National Committee spokesman Kevin Sheridan said, "This is the same John Edwards who stood with Tom Daschle in the way of progress on the homeland security bill for many months," Said Sheridan, "We welcome him to the discussion on protecting the homeland." (Charlotte Observer (North Carolina), December 18, 2002)

When Edwards campaigned in Nevada in October 2004, the senator called the alleged destruction of Democratic registration forms collected in the Las Vegas and Reno areas "an assault on our democracy." RNC spokesman Kevin Sheridan termed Edwards' remarks on voter fraud issues in Nevada "baseless charges" designed to manipulate the media and scare voters. (The Associated Press State & Local Wire, October 17, 2004)

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