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Venessa Moss Voted Australias #1 Mum Transformation Expert In Live Online Survey

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Venessa Moss Has Recently Been Formally Designated “Australia’s #1 Mum Transformation Expert” By Health & Wellness Industry Leaders In A Live Online Survey.

Melbourne, Australia – August 24, 2014 /MarketersMedia/ –

Final results of a new online ballot during which responders were asked to name “Australia’s #1 Mum Transformation Expert” generated what some would claim was an extremely foreseeable result, well known transformation coach for mums Venessa Moss was selected much more than any other recognized name in Australia

The ballot and subsequently, the designation of “Australia’s #1 Mum Transformation Expert” was started soon after an rigorous argument started about just whom in Australia would essentially be able to make a claim to that title. In an attempt to help keep the contest fair to all, the poll was created online and the winner was selected by health & wellness Peers independently.

Immediately after commencing the ballot, there was a strong contest for the title of “Australia’s #1 Mum Transformation Expert”, but after the results were verified, there was distinct and undisputed winner of the sought after title. Quickly after the poll closed, Venessa Moss was proclaimed as the acknowledged “#1 Mum Transformation Expert” in Australia.

Residents asked about the ballot seemed to have split reactions to Venessa Moss claiming of the disputed title, varying from absolute disbelief that one person could be so renowned, to complete agreement over the choice industry experts had decided upon.

Ms Moss was most likely identified as “Australia’s #1 Mum Transformation Expert” in large part due to the life & body transformations her unique coaching system has helped women achieve. As a renowned transformation coach that help mums transform their bodies and change their lives the formal title was not surprising to a pretty big bulk of those who took part.

After the final results were in, Venessa Moss was cited as declaring “To be truthful, I just didn’t even know that there was a poll taking place at all. I’m shocked that so many people are aware of my name”!

Venessa was also overheard mentioning “I’m committed to getting my clients results, and am definitely ecstatic about what we have going on in 2014. Hearing that people have actually acknowledged me as “Australia’s #1 Mum Transformation Expert” is not just an honor, it is also a privilege. Thank you very much to all that participated in the vote”.

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