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Fully-Automated WordPress Designer Is Doing The Hard Work (Not A Software)

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WordPress plugin that will be released on July 18, 2014 makes building new, creative sites and editing existing, established sites simple.

College Park, MD, United States July 17, 2014

Vas Blagodarskiy, a Senior at the University of Maryland, has two full time jobs: he is a double major in Communications and English Literature by day, and a serial entrepreneur by night. His current project is a WordPress plugin called WP ViCom – a site builder and a frontend editor – which is set to be released on Friday, July 18, 2014 at 11am EST.

Until now, creating stunning designs with WordPress required installing themes or messing with “widgets.” Thanks to technological breakthroughs, these “old-school” tactics are becoming obsolete. WP ViCom is a visual communications tool that lets anyone build a beautiful million-dollar website in under an hour. Michael Gez, a prestigious Maryland based web designer, took this WordPress app for a spin. When his company’s staff tried this software, Gez said “there is no longer an incentive for people to learn programming.” This WP editor is a site builder and marketing software mixed into one convenient point-and-click plugin. Gez is thrilled to use this “for the next client’s big project coming up in the fall.”

Blagodarskiy is confident that the product launch will be a success. “Thanks to the active cooperation of WP Bakery, the mutual effort will bring this amazing tool to market.” WP Bakery, a European software firm, was eager to work with Blagodarskiy. In an email sent to Blagodarskiy, WP Baker’s President, Michael M., stated that his team is “working hard to develop Visual Composer and maintain it on the high level since day one. … [and] would love to continue doing that.”

During the negotiation stages, it was proposed that Blagodarskiy ought to turn WP ViCom into a subscription based service. WP Bakery supported the initiative, stating that Blagodarskiy should “charge your client on a monthly/yearly basis to access your end product.” Blagodarskiy refused, holding true to his belief that software should be set free! not confined to recurring billing. “Companies can’t give full access to some code and then claim right to rent payments! It’s not like a car that can be leased. Freedom of software is the moral imperative upon which rests the whole idea of the GPL, or the General Public License,” under which the WP ViCom WordPress plugin will be distributed. “The sale will start at $17 and go up to $27 within 48 hours and that’s a one-time fee.”

Still, WP ViCom is not a WordPress software; it’s a plugin, so even though it functions like any regular PC or Mac program, it will not require a local installation. Visit http://wpvicom.com for details.

Website: http://wusa9.com

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