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Bill Clinton was Leno's top "Tonight" target


Jay Leno's top target during his two-decade tenure as NBC's "Tonight" show host was Bill Clinton.
The comic has cracked a total of 4,607 jokes at the expense of the former president.
The Washington-based Center for Media and Public Affairs counted and catalogued nearly 44,000 jokes Leno made about politics and public affairs during his time at "Tonight," which ends Thursday.
The center's director, Robert Lichter, said Tuesday that Leno loves politics and scandal - and Clinton generously provided material on both accounts.
Second on Leno's list - with 3,239 jokes at his expense - was former President George W. Bush.

Top 10 targets

1. Bill Clinton - 4,607 jokes.
2. George W. Bush - 3,239 jokes.
3. Al Gore - 1,026 jokes.
4. Barack Obama - 1,011 jokes.
5. Hillary Clinton - 939 jokes.
6. O.J. Simpson - 795 jokes.
7. Dick Cheney - 673 jokes.
8. Michael Jackson - 505 jokes.
9. Monica Lewinsky - 454 jokes.
10. Bob Dole - 452 jokes.

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