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Snow causes headaches for morning commute


The snowstorm created headaches for many people headed back to work after the New Year's holiday. The snow began piling up early Thursday, continuing through the morning commute.

Brenda McGaw, bundled up in all sorts of layers, said, "It's just unbelievable. I woke up, looked out and said, 'Oh my God!' It's okay. It's fine, but what a way to say 'Happy New Year."

Ed Ballard (not related to the mayor) said it was tough going driving to work. He was surprised road conditions weren't better

"I didn't think it'd be this bad," he said. "I knew it wouldn't be pristine, but I thought at least it would be clear. It doesn't even look like it's been plowed."

By late morning, it was still hard to tell whether plows had made it down major thoroughfares like Pennsylvania Street. They certainly hadn't been down Mass Avenue, but David Andrichick, who was clearing the sidewalk outside the Chatterbox, said he wasn't surprised.

"Because we realize we're not a major thoroughfare and it is most important to clear the streets around fire stations, schools and that type of thing," he said. "I hope they eventually get here later today or the next day."

But one City-County councilor said he expected more from the city.

Democrat Zach Adamson issued a statement saying, "This morning I, like many other residents of Indianapolis, was disappointed to see the condition of our city's roads. After a snowstorm, the people of Indianapolis have a right to expect streets that allow for safe travel for their families, especially when we know in advance it's coming.

Department of Public Works spokesperson Lesley Gordon said, "We knew there would be some (bad) weather so we had crews on standby for the holiday."

Gordon said they had a full contingency of 90 drivers working city streets since Wednesday evening when they began pre-treating roads. She said the type of snow and how quickly it fell, made it harder to clear.

"We're looking at a dry, fluffy snow that came down fast, almost four inches in four hours - that's an inch an hour and that's challenging on the road," she said.

She noted with the snow continuing and winds picking up this afternoon, the job won't get much easier.

Governor Mike Pence issued the following statement Thursday afternoon:

"Winter storms like this one make travel a challenge for Hoosier motorists, and that's why the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) put more than 800 trucks on the road beginning late last night. I am grateful for the hard work of the team at INDOT in keeping the state highways open and safe for commuters even while this storm continues.

"Hoosier motorists may be assured that the State of Indiana will continue to monitor the road conditions and weather and respond accordingly. We also encourage drivers to do their part in keeping the highways moving by avoiding unnecessary travel and making way for plow trucks and crews."

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