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Storm may disrupt plans for those traveling home after holidays


The timing on this one isn't great for some. Storms are moving in just as many holiday travelers are heading home.

The traffic on most central Indiana highways this New Year's Day was light and moving smoothly. That is, at least for now.

Drivers we saw pulling in to a Planfield rest stop were eager to get home, hoping to beat a winter storm that already hit Chicago.

"We've seen on the news, it's coming," says James Franklin, on his way back from Michigan. He and his wife decided it was best to head home early.

"You could see the snow drifting, it was coming down good so everyone was packing and leaving because they knew they'd get snowed in."

At the Indianapolis Airport, a few Chicago flights were canceled, but most others remained on time.

A woman who was headed home to Florida was glad for her fortunate scheduling. "I'm getting out of here just in the nick of time," she said.

A group we met was leaving on mission trip to Haiti, with a layover in Miami.

"I'm thankful we're out of the country before the weather hits, but I hate it for our family who's still at home and have to face it," said one member of the group. "I pray it's not too bad."

As always, you're encouraged to check the status of your flight before heading to the airport. That's certainly the advice if you're traveling anywhere over the next few days.

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