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For some, resolution means taking the plunge


On this first day of 2014, people are making resolutions in a variety of ways. 

In Shelby County, they took the plunge, literally, in 35 degree water. This is the 25th year for the polar plunge, a fundraiser for the local food bank and fire department.

"And it's just to wash away things from 2013 and be refreshed for 2014," said Mike Wells, Indianapolis, who is taking the plunge for a second year. 

"When you think of an obstacle or a challenge, it's facing it," said Brian Proctor of Greenwood, who is also participating in his second plunge. 

In Fishers, they opted to say on dry ground for the Commitment Day 5k, held outside Lifetime Fitness on 116th Street. 

"Got a lot of people in my family having diabetes and I don't want to be next, so just gonna restart the whole thing and try to lose about 180 pounds," one jogger told us. 

Aamila Stephens went on a 3.1 mile loop with her grandparents, who plan on being role models by making lifestyle changes. "We're just trying to get fit with our mind, our body and our souls, so complete package," said Kendah Ward, Indianapolis

So pounding the pavement, or taking a dip...

"It was awesome, refreshing, not as bad as last year," said Mike Wells as he got out of the frigid water. "Feet-wise, pretty cold, the rest not so bad."

2014 is off to a brisk start, though at 40 degrees today, not nearly as brisk as last year. 

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