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No deal yet between IU Health, UnitedHealthcare


UnitedHealthcare patients who use IU Health providers will still be able to receive treatment as "in-network" even though the two groups have not yet reached an agreement for 2014.

The contract between IU Health and UnitedHealthcare will expire at midnight Tuesday. While both sides are still negotiating, technically IU Health and IU Health Physician doctors and Facilities will become "out of network" for most UnitedHealthcare patients.

But on Tuesday, IU Health said it "made the decision to treat UnitedHealthcare patients and their portion of the bill as 'in-network' as of January 1, 2014, to help avoid disruption of care and help reduce the patient's overall costs."

"This decision is consistent with our commitment to ensuring patients have access to nationally recognized care," said Dr. John C. Kohne, chief medical officer, Indiana University Health. "We know patients value the relationship with their physician and health care team, and we want to help them maintain those relationships without unnecessary disruption."

The current 'in-network' status means that UnitedHealthcare patients may continue to receive care from IU Health doctors and IU Health facilities, but are responsible for any in-network deductible and co-pay fees. This special in-network status will apply to the portion of a patient's bill that is based on the 2014 benefit levels.

If you are a UnitedHealthcare patient, you don't need to take any steps to receive the in-network status. You may schedule and keep appointments as you normally would.

If a patient sees their IU Health provider and receives a statement that includes fees higher than anticipated (out of network fees, for example), they should call the number listed on the statement and the fees will be adjusted to in-network costs.

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