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Group prays for more peaceful year to come

Carla Martin, mother of homicide victim Carla Martin, mother of homicide victim

As 2013 comes to an end, a group is hoping 2014 will be more peaceful.

"Too many young people are leaving here before their time, and it's time to do something different," said Pastor A. Thomas Hill with the Drive By Prayer Mission.

He has led the Drive By Prayer service since 2006. The mission is to encourage the community to come together to resolve issues without violence that has shattered lives.

"Our land needs healing, the city of Indianapolis needs healing," he said.

That includes Carla Martin.

"I thank God for the 24 years that he allowed me to spend with my son," said an emotional Martin.

Her 24-year-old son Adriane Rogers was murdered at her home on Indy's north side on Ruckle Street near 40th and College.

"He came to my house November the 8th to spend the weekend with me and I had a home invasion and he died," Martin said.

Police believe two men walked into the house and tried to rob the group inside, which prompted a fight.

Martin spent her first Thanksgiving and Christmas without her son and as she prepares to ring in the New Year without him, she begs for peace within the community.

"Please stop the violence, please," she begged Saturday at the vigil.

The group has planned more vigils for 2014.

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