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Historic sales month for vehicles


The Indy Auto Show is more than a place to do some dreaming.

It's driving people like Steve Schelonka to local dealerships to do some buying.

"There are a lot of great deals and we've got an aging vehicle that needs a little repair and trying to decide whether to make that purchase or make the repair and with the incentives it's looking pretty good to make the purchase," explained Steve.

That's spreading the holiday spirit at Ray Skillman Automart on the west side.

Justin Bente, vice-president of sale for Ray Skillman Automart, said, "We are predicting we will be very busy so yes extra staffing."

In fact, December has been one for the record books for car sales. One sales forecast has projected U.S. Consumers will spend around $34 billion on new vehicles in December, which is a historic high.

"Traditionally, right before Christmas it's maybe a little slow but this year up until Christmas we've just been very busy," said Bente.

Like so many dealerships across the country, Ray Skillman is set to break a sales record in December as well. Especially for Mazdas, sales have been up 30-percent.

Bente, said, "The product is better so the customer is able to get a more affordable car with less overall expense and maintenance."

He says manufacturers had to make changes to make vehicles more economical for consumers.

"We have products that are 40 miles per gallon and that's a huge savings to the consumer. And with service intervals now it used to be every 3,000 miles it's every 7,500 miles before oil changes or normal maintenance so the cost of ownership is actually down," Bente explained. 

For Schelonka, an accountant, a new car had to make financial sense no matter what time of year it is, "Anytime you are buying a 20-40 thousand dollar purchase it's a big deal."

With extra incentives and zero percent financing, he plans on biting the bullet before time runs out for 2013.

Dealerships say New Years Day is another big vehicle shopping day.

Ray Skillman will be open with extra staff both new years eve and new years day.

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