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FedEx, UPS report delays on Christmas deliveries


While Santa was sure to have delivered tons of presents right on time, the country's leading package carriers weren't faring quite as well this Christmas.

FedEx and UPS both announced that they had experienced delays getting some gifts delivered by Christmas.

It was a busy Christmas morning for the Grant family.

"It was fine. We had a good morning. They were all happy," said Heidi Grant.

"I got the American girl that is sitting with me. Her name is Caroline," said Heidi's daughter, explaining some of her Christmas bounty.

With three kids, there are new toys, gadgets and clothing in piles across the living room. But a few things are missing.

"She just said some of my presents weren't going to make it, like, before Christmas," said Heidi's daughter.

Heidi Grant has spent days tracking things she ordered weeks ago for her two oldest kids.

"We were waiting, waiting. I kept checking online. They still were not here," she said.

The Grants are not alone.

Both FedEx and UPS, two of the country's biggest shipping companies, admit they didn't get all their Christmas deliveries done on time.

"It's frustrating, but they're only human, you know. They can only work so many hours. There's the weather. We've had terrible rain storms here. There's snow storms, you know. You can't predict everything," said Grant.

In fact, the companies blame the bad weather and a whole lot of online shopping.

"I think they should've just tried to make it get here before Christmas or even today," said Heidi's daughter.

But Heidi Grant is keeping things in perspective.

"It's a little frustrating, but I knew they had stuff, so it wasn't going to be the end of the world, and they had things. The benefit was, Christmas is going to last a little bit longer," she said.

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