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Water rescue teams called to assist stranded motorists


Rushing water caused a wave of 911 calls over the weekend and today.

"I went off the road," said one stranded driver calling Hancock County dispatch.

At least 16 people were rescued from cars stuck in high water in the Greenfield area.

Even in downtown Greenfield, a white car sat with a ruined interior after the driver drove into high water. That water swept the woman's car from the road and into a parking lot that resembled a lake.

Greenfield Fire Department deputy chief Jason Horning said crews connected by a rope system rescued that woman. He said their swift water rescue squad was busy all weekend.

The driver of a gray car on County Road 500 South called about another water-related plight. "I'm in the water," he told a 911 operator. "I'm afraid the current is going to take me away."

The dispatcher directed the man out of the cold water. "The safest place for you is going to be on top of the vehicle," the dispatcher told him.

"We used a boat to get that man off his car and get him to safety," Horning told us.

A state police video demonstration shows getting out of the car quickly and making your way to the vehicle's roof is critical to surviving until rescuers arrive. "Put your windows down and un-do your seatbelts," says ISP dive specialist Bob May. "Power windows should still work in water. Get yourself out headfirst, turn around, then swing and sit on top of the car."

"We were fortunate over the weekend nobody lost their life, but there were some close calls and it could have ended in tragedy," Horning said.

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