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Some Indiana drivers ignore barricades; get stuck in flood waters


Despite the barricades, vehicle after vehicle drove in waist deep water on 56th Street near Emerson Avenue on Monday morning. Those that made it through unscathed were the lucky ones.  

"There was a little truck that went through and I thought that I could make it but I didn't make it. My car stalled, said driver Paris State. 

Rushing water covered Fall Creek Parkway. Lines on the road faded under the current and street signs were barely visible. 

"People don't realize  what they're doing. They were driving right across Fall Creek and water is three feet deep. They're risking life and limb," said Connie Marvel, who works in the area. 

A building near Fall Creek Parkway and Emerson Avenue was open for business, but the main entrance was under four to five feet of water. That entrance is also access to the elevator.

"I have clients coming in and I've had to call and tell them you're climbing stairs because the elevator is out of order!" said Kate Marvel. A minor inconvenience, considering this is the worst flooding she has ever seen here. "Probably 2008 [the water was] to the bottom of the stop sign and now, as you can see, the stop is covered."

Even with parking lots now turned into ponds, life along Fall Creek continues.

"This is part of being in this building. It's part of being in Indianapolis. It floods," said Kate Marvel.

And the next time it does, Paris State won't be taking any chances.

"I won't be doing that again.  I learned my lesson!" she said, laughing. 

Probably good advice, since barricades are usually there for a reason. 

Turn around, don't drown 

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