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High water impacting residents, drivers in Bartholomew County


Bartholomew County is also seeing an impact from the weekend flood waters.  The community experienced significant flooding back in 2008 and some residents say they feared for a repeat this weekend.

Residents like Hutch Schumaker off Riverside Drive deals with high water at least once a year. "When it gets here you just deal with it," he said Sunday.

Instead of keeping an eye on the forecast, he says he keeps an eye on what happens near Shelbyville.

"Everything comes from the northeast, Shelby County, and it gets down here about 18 hours after it happens there," Schumaker said.

Sunday he spent the day watching the Colts game and watching the water not only rise, but take down his outside Christmas display.

The water would have to rise several more feet before his house would be in danger; but the immediate danger around Columbus comes to those who drive through the standing water.

That includes drivers like Justin Baker, who had an unexpected surprise on the other side.

"Cops were waiting," he said.  When asked why he decided to go through it, he said, "I didn't want to drive all the way around. It's probably about a ten minute detour."

Baker said he learned a painful lesson about ignoring road closed signs, as well as driving through high water. "I got a ticket and got to explain that to my parents," he said.

For those who do get stuck, tow truck drivers come to the rescue. However, they've actually been turning business away.

"Vehicles can be replaced. It's not worth going out in the water and risking somebody's life to get the vehicle out," said Copples Towing driver Josh Kreisher.

Residents are just hoping they can get out of their homes to celebrate Christmas with their families, as the White River around Bartholomew County isn't expected to crest until Monday afternoon.

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