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Procrastinators rush to finish last-minute shopping


Thanks to one less week between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, holiday shopping procrastinators are slamming.

"I have one speed and it's fast," said Kathy Tanner.

Tanner was on a mission Friday at Kohl's, first to find a picture frame, then she was off to clothing before getting sidetracked.

"I'm trying to find Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle stuff," she said.

Tanner admitted she was feeling a bit frazzled, especially with her Christmas celebration set for Saturday.

"I have shopping to do, cookies and fudge to make and a long list of things from my sister to get at the grocery store," she said.

Most other shoppers have had five days to finish their shopping, though with Thanksgiving falling later on the calendar this year, it's still a push.

"I've been done five or six times and I'm still shopping," said Lora Manning.

Kohl's is one of several retailers now open 24/7, hoping to capitalize on the last-minute rush.

"I'm last minute through Christmas Eve, so it's nice to know I have options. I think it takes the pressure off," said Donna Blackwell.

"Well that's not for us, we're in bed by nine, but we are up early to shop," said Manning.

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