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Expert: After Target breach, keep close watch on account statements


For loyal Target shoppers, the news hit hard.

"First thing my husband said this morning was that Target had a credit card breach," Shopper Gina Joy told us. "I said good morning to you too dear."

It was bad news for a retailer during a shopping season where many customers use credit or debit cards.

"I'm going to use cash and not the card," one south side shopper told us.

Over 40 million customer credit and debit cards could be at risk, or about one in eight Americans possibly at risk of fraud.

We asked shopper Anne Marie Pulizzi if she found that scary. "A little bit. Big national company like that."

"It's not very surprising at all," says J.J. Thompson of Rook Security in Indianapolis. We spoke with him at the national cyber security firm's nerve center, where they monitor corporate clients cyber security every minute of every day of the year.

He is not involved in the Target case, but he says Target customers have at least two tasks now: "Check their statements. Go online to check their account activity."

"In fact my husband already checked today," another shopper said. "We didn't have anything."

Thompson's suggestion is to check multiple times a day, and then gradually decrease that amount.

But if you're really concerned Thompson says "go ahead and actually change the credit card numbers."

You will then have to change that credit card information on other things, like online shopping accounts and billing.

"Bite the bullet," he says. "Go ahead and make those card changes." 

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