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Home surveillance cameras capture package theft

(Images provided by Marcus Haddix) (Images provided by Marcus Haddix)

Thieves are trying to take your property, even your Christmas gifts, while you're not looking.

That's what one east side family found the hard way this week, when video surveillance captured a woman swiping a package in broad daylight, right off their front doorstep.

"It's an invasion of our privacy to have someone come up onto our porch and steal a package that didn't belong to them," said Marcus Haddix.

But that's just what happened at the Haddix home on Cecil Avenue. 

"You'll see the lady walk up onto the front porch and knock on the door," said Haddix, as he showed Eyewitness News the video.

It shows a woman in a white and pink hat coming onto the porch. She bends down quickly, grabs the package and takes off.

"And that's as fast as it takes," said Haddix.

The woman likely had no idea she was starring in a home movie, captured on cameras all around Haddix front porch.

"We do not play around. We have a full video surveillance system and we're not the kind of people who are going to tolerate it," said Haddix.

The 43-year-old native of the Indianapolis east side once protected the country in US Air Force Special Operations. Now he's protecting a place just as precious to him: his home.

"If she would have gotten caught on the porch, it could have been bad news," said Haddix of the woman in the video. Instead, Haddix called the police, ready to give them his video for an investigation.

"They didn't even send an officer out to the house and just gave us a case number," said Haddix, who isn't happy about that. 

"To me, it doesn't matter if its 250 million or 25 dollars, theft is theft," Haddix said.

An IMPD spokesperson said thefts from outside of homes this time of year are not uncommon.

Police advise if you're going to have packages delivered, have them sent to your local post office, UPS, FedEx or even the store from which you purchased them, instead of having them left on your doorstep, saying that's an easy target.

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