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Mega Millions jackpot tonight is $586 Million


It's a gift a lot of Hoosiers would like to see under their tree.

Today, many will be buying up tickets in the hopes of winning the near record Mega-Millions jackpot of $586 Million.

More than a half billion dollars--that's what we're talking about with the MegaMillions jackpot that's rolled over now 21 times to get to this point.

The Mega Millions is the newest of the multi state lottery games that Indiana participates in.

42 other states plus the US Virgin Islands and the District of Columbia also take part.

And the odds are astronomical.

What are the odds? (Singer Financial Group in Brownsburg)

Winning Mega Millions - 1 in 259 million

Dating a super model - 1 in 88,000

Being attacked by a shark - 1 in 11.5 million

Getting struck by lightning - 1 in 10,000

But for those who play--the dollar investment is worth the fun of dreaming what you would do if you won.

And even if someone from Indiana doesn't win the jackpot, Hoosiers still benefit when jackpots get this big.

"Around the state every year 30 million dollars goes around the state to support retired teachers fund and another 30 million goes to support firefighters and police retirement fund and the bulk of lottery profits actually reduce Hoosiers auto excise tax by about 50-percent annually." says Betsy Gutierrez with the Hoosier Lottery.

Lottery officials say when jackpots get this big for any game, ticket sales for all games go up.

The Hoosier Lottery does say there was 1 winner from Indiana back in 2011--and that most winners for large jackpots are groups that pool their money.

And there is still until 10:44 PM Eastern tonight for hopeful players to purchase tickets.

The later it gets today the longer the lines are expected to buy tickets. Keep that in mind if you plan to play.

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