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South Carolina town donates 4 police cruisers to Knightstown

Knightstown Police Chief Danny Baker Knightstown Police Chief Danny Baker
One of the four donated cars. One of the four donated cars.

A central Indiana police chief has his new patrol cars, just weeks after taking a hit from a stun gun in an effort to raise money for the cars.

Knightstown Police Chief Danny Baker has got to be one of the happiest police chiefs in Indiana, if not the entire country.

"Merry Christmas! It's a heck of a's a heck of a Christmas!" said Baker as he patrolled the streets of Knightstown.

His gifts - actually gifts to the Town of Knightstown - came early. Four police cars were donated to the tiny department, which only has four full-time officers, including the chief. Each car has a working light bar, siren and radar gun.

Besides the lights, there's not a lot flashy about the cars. Each one is 6-7 years old and have nearly 100,000 miles on them. To say that they were completely free isn't exactly true. In fact, they came at a pretty hefty personal price.

The day before Thanksgiving, Chief Baker received a 50,000-volt jolt from a stun gun, a shock that dropped him to the ground. He was tased publicly in a middle school gymnasium as a fundraiser to lease a police car, since Knightstown had only one working cruiser.

"I had no idea how far this would go or how big it would get," said the 63-year-old chief.

The stun gun video went viral. Cash has poured in from around the country and so did an offer from the Ridgeland, South Carolina Police Department, offering Knightstown their old, unused cars if they came and got them.

"They're like new. The pads are like brand new there," said a mechanic as he checked out one of the patrol cars.

The old emblems are being removed and new ones carefully put in their place. All of the work is being donated by a local business owner.

"It makes you proud and to know that he cares enough to do it for the town...not just for Danny, it's for the whole town," said Tom True of Tom True Auto.

So a man who has spent a career dealing with criminals is now reassured of the humanity that exists.

"There's a lot of good people still in the world," said Chief Baker.

Especially if you're willing to get a serious jolt and let the world watch.

The Chief says he will use the $43,000 in donated funds to lease three additional police SUVs and plans on adding more reserve officers to the force.

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