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Saturday snow causes plenty of crashes


The blanket of snow across the region proved dangerous Saturday as police reported multiple crashes and slide-offs throughout central Indiana.

Police hope one particularly troubling crash today serves as a valuable lesson to other drivers of what not to do.

"It's just a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time," said John Piwowarski.

Piwowarski was just sitting at the stoplight at 96th St. and Kincaid in Fishers after picking his daughter up from a sleep over. That's when two cars came spinning toward him.

"They were coming from two different directions and it looked like they were going too fast for the conditions and tried to beat the light. They hit each other in the intersection and they spun out and one hit us and the other spun out behind us," said Piwowarski.

The driver of one of those cars was trapped as Fishers firefighters worked carefully and painstakingly to free him.

This was one of several accidents in and around the metro area Saturday morning. From more crashes and slide-offs to this overturned car on I-65 on the city's south side that shut down three lanes of traffic, emergency crews stayed busy.

It was enough to prompt Indiana State Police to issue an alert urging travel for essential needs only.

"Routine trips should be delayed," read Nancy Wilson.

Despite the warning, a local health club in Fishers had a pretty good crowd Saturday morning in the midst of the heavy snow.

"They weren't that bad. The Fishers guys got out and got it cleared off. I don't know what it was down south," said Wilson.

"So, you're not risking your life to improve your health," asked Eyewitness News Reporter Carrie Cline.

"No," responded Nancy.

Teda Sottong said driving these roads was absolutely necessary for her today, "Just to get out with the boys for a little bit and then we also have to get our Christmas tree. (it's essential?) It is an essential for the holiday season."

"Obviously, our greatest concern is that when we do have conditions like this with slick and wet roadways, everyone just needs to slow down and take it easy and give themselves time," said Sgt. Mike Janes, Fishers Police Department.

Back to the Fishers accident. When firefighters finally freed the driver, he was alert and talking.

Even though Piwowarski didn't cause the crash, he said he did have his concerns about getting on these roads.

"I don't know what else I could have done differently except for stay indoors when the weather is this bad," said Piwowarski.

And that's the lesson police hope everyone learns.

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