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Checkup 13: Bariatric surgery can help with weight loss


Indiana consistently finds itself among the top ten "heaviest" states in the country, but bariatric surgery may offer help to many Hoosiers struggling with their weight. 

While a third of Hoosiers are overweight, some may benefit from bariatric surgery. If a patient needs to lose 100 pounds or more, or has a Body Mass Index of 35 or higher, bariatric surgery can be the first step on their journey to better health. 

"I think these patients hit a critical point where no matter how hard they try the weight doesn't come," says Doctor Brenda Cacucci. "Only about 5 percent of patients who do standard medical weight loss programs lose the weight they need to and keep it off. It's pretty rare."

Robanne Robin lost 150 pounds after she received bariatric surgery. " I don't know where I would be right now because I was so stuck at that heavy body and having so many problems at such a young age," she says. "I would definitely do it again but it's not without risk."

Dr. Cacucci agrees that patients who follow up their surgery with changes in diet and exercise can have great success. She cautions that surgery should be viewed as a "last resort." 

You can learn more about bariatric surgery with this months Checkup 13. A free bariatric seminar will be available in Carmel and Anderson. You can call 1-866-U-CHECK-13 through 7 tonight, or register here at through midnight. 

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