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Chilly temps cause scattered power outages in Indianapolis


Indianapolis Power and Light blames the cold weather for scattered power outages Thursday morning.

A power line in Pike Township that was previously struck by lightning froze this morning. It broke, causing an outage. Other outages were reported throughout the city.

See current outages here.

IPL tells us none of the outages at this point have been related to transformers.

IPL crews were busy this morning making repairs. Cold weather does indeed impact power and according to IPL, hundreds of people around Indianapolis lost power at some point with temperatures in the single digits throughout the morning.

Some areas on the east side got a rude awakening when their power was out for a short time. A good stretch of Washington Street in Irvington lost power after 7:00 am. At 19th and College Ave., it was the same. IPL crews were able to get to both locations and fix the problem fairly quickly.

But an IPL spokesperson says as soon as one problem was fixed, another popped up.

"The colder the temperatures are, it causes wires and connectors to contract. A lot of the outages we experienced are because the freezing temperatures really expose other incidents that have happened to our equipment from previous storms," said Brandi Davis Handy.

If you experience a power outage during extreme cold, follow these tips:

Make sure your electric stove is off. If a burner is on and goes unnoticed after the power is restored, it could cause a fire.

To conserve heat during an outage in cold weather, limit the number of times outside doors are opened.

Do NOT connect a portable generator to your home's wiring system without disconnecting your home from the utility service first..

Keep the refrigerator door closed.

The first thing you want to do is call IPL (317-261-8111). Have an emergency kit ready in case your power does go out.

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