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IPL customers cold without power overnight

Indianapolis, IN -

Customers of Indianapolis Power and Light (IPL) were without power overnight during the cold weather. 

As of 7:30 a.m. on Thursday there were 1789 customers without power. The largest of those outages are on the east side of town with 1068 customers.  Many traffic lights are out in the Irvington area and police are out at major intersections directing traffic. 

IPL crews are in the area of Washington and Arlington on the east side working to restore power to traffic signals and residential customers.

Earlier in the morning the downtown Indianapolis area had 238 customers without power and another 42 on the south side for a total of 281 customers.

Around midnight 149 customers along High School Road on the west side were without power for a few hours.

Duke Energy also had 70 customers in Hamilton County without power overnight.

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