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Heating bills soar as temperatures plummet


As bitter cold sets in, many in central Indiana are thinking twice before cranking up the thermostat.

"When I hear that furnace kick on and I don't feel cold, I jump up and I cut it down," said Roosevelt Tramill.

And for good reason. As temperatures plunge, Tramill's heating bills soar.

"I'm looking at a gas bill of $200, $200 plus," he said.

The 48-year-old suffers from severe diabetes, which impacts the type of work he can do. With no other resources available, Tramill applied for assistance Wednesday at the Community Action of Greater Indianapolis offices so he can keep his heat on.

"When the daytime comes and I'm here, I try to raise my curtains up and turn it down to 70, maybe 69 and wear some clothes around the house, because I already know I can't afford the bills," he said.

People applying for assistance can receive a one-time energy payment of up to $300. Each day, workers say they approve about 200 applications, helping Hoosiers in need try to survive and lift spirits.

"Christmas is going to be lean, so I don't see myself buying nobody Christmas gifts this year, because all my money is going to be wrapped up just in utility bills alone, so I can wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, but that's as good as it's going to get this year," Tramill said.

As temperatures continue to fall this week, many more Hoosiers will likely need help. Community Action says the funds are only available if you have an appointment and those are spoken for until late January.

If you need assistance keeping your home warm this winter, you can call the Community Action Center of Great Indianapolis at 317-524-6966.

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