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Couple escapes burning home in Hortonville


A couple is grateful to be alive after their house caught fire while they were sleeping. Now they're trying to figure out why their smoke detectors didn't go off. The fire happened early Wednesday morning at 208th and Horton Road in Hamilton County.

Later Wednesday morning, the scene at the home was quiet. But the damage is so extensive from the smoke and water and some flames that the home is no longer livable.  

The 911 call came in at 3:45 this morning. The couple called in saying that was a lot of smoke and some flames. Six fire departments responded to the fire from surrounding areas including Noblesville, Westfield and Zionsville. 

When they arrived, they did see some flames coming from the roof. It didn't take firefighters long to get it under control. The couple escaped unharmed.

Eyewitness News talked with one of the home's occupants, Tony Smith. He said he and his wife were sleeping at the time of the fire and they're just thankful they woke up.

"I had two smoke detectors that to my knowledge were operational, but none of them went off. I just kind of woke up choking. So that's what woke us up," he said.

It's unclear in this situation why the smoke detectors didn't go off, but this very issue has been the center of debate in parts of central Indiana. 

In Marion County, the City-County Council wants to pass a measure that makes a photoelectric detector mandatory. The old standard is the ionization smoke detector that's good with a flaming fire. But the new standard would be much more sensitive in detecting a smoldering fire where there's much more smoke than flames. It would also have a ten-year battery life that's more difficult to tamper with so people can't easily remove the battery. The goal is to save lives.

Fire investigators believe the cause was electrical.
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