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A holiday never to be forgotten

Macy's provided Chaleece Leckron (far right) with a Christmas surprise through Make a Wish. Macy's provided Chaleece Leckron (far right) with a Christmas surprise through Make a Wish.

The calendar says Christmas is still more than two weeks away. But you wouldn't have known that Monday night in Columbus, where a teenager not only had Christmas come early, she also had a holiday she will surely never forget.  

Imagine being a teenage girl and getting an autographed present from the members of the band "One Direction."

You'd probably react like 16-year-old Chaleece Leckron did - with a scream of delight.
This might be the best Christmas she could wish for. "It just got 100 times better," said Chaleece after seeing the "One Direction" gift.

"I've always liked Christmas because I like it when my family is together in one spot for a long time," she said. "And all those lights and stuff too - it just makes me feel warm."

Chaleece is also a cancer survivor, and part of the Make-a-Wish program.
Make-a-wish staff brought in central Indiana Macy's employees to help give her the Christmas room of her dreams.

"We did all the trees, the boxes, all the decorating of the trees, right down to putting the lights on the trees and putting the trees together," said Jeffrey Bartoli of Macy's.

Macy's provided a whole roomful of trees and presents for Chaleece to open with her friends. It seems like a world away from IU Health-Riley Hospital, where she spent the summer getting treatment for non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.
And, it is the second-most important gift for this family this holiday season.
"I just know she's here by the grace of God," said her mother, Kim, "and she's a miracle and we just cherish every day we have with her."

Chaleece's big day was even more of a challenge for Macy's employees because her school was on a two-hour delay Monday. That means they had two hours less to set up the surprise. It took 25 people, working fast, to get it done in time for surprise.          
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