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Arrival of snow storm slows Thursday afternoon commute


The rush hour slowed in Johnson County and elsewhere Thursday. Blame the arrival of a winter storm.

Sleet was falling late in the afternoon. It threatened to freeze on the road as temperatures dropped. There will likely be a layer of ice under Friday morning's snow.

A look at the radar in Greenwood showed the Johnson County city right on the snow/sleet line late Thursday.

And for motorist Nikki, it was slow-going on her way home from work. "They're getting nastier, wasn't too bad when I first left."

In Greenwood, we could tell that one plow had already dropped a lot of salt at intersections, an effort to prevent an icy surface for the morning commute.

But motorist Sherita is worried about the ice she saw forming on her trunk. "I'm thinking it's going to get a lot worse before it gets better. I have to go to Seymour and that's an hour away, and it's supposed to be worse there than it is here."

In Avon, the precipitation let up for a while around 7:30, but by the time we made it to Lebanon the snow was falling heavily. It made for nasty night, as police investigated a head-on crash involving a suspected stolen car. 

Road conditions around Boone County were going south fast.

"I thought man, I'm going to get it," said motorist Bueford Clouser. Before he knew it, he was in a ditch.

"It wasn't scary going down there, it was scary when I thought I was going to get that other automobile," he said. "I flipped toward it, then I flipped one way and back the other way."

"I was trying to get back from Strawtown before it started snowing," Clouser told us. "State Road 47 wasn't bad, but here they were really putting it down."

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