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Academy gives driving tips for ice and snow


During bad weather, no matter how prepared you are, accidents happen. Many drivers don't really know how to maneuver their cars in sleet, snow and ice.

But there are simple things you can do so your car doesn't crash in wintry conditions.

"I can see the ice gather on the side of the grass. As I take these turns, I can feel it's really slick. I'm going to decelerate here," said SkyTrak Meteorologist Chuck Lofton as he took the severe weather driving test at the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy.

Winter storm approaching

The test starts in a simulator with snowy and icy road conditions.

"This is quite the sensation, because it really feels like I am driving through a little bit of ice and rain mix here," Lofton said.

The number one rule to remember when driving in icy conditions is to stay away from your brakes.

"Using your brake on the curve can be one of the worst ideas you can have," said an instructor at the academy.

If you find yourself driving on ice, you should also remember to ease off the accelerator, don't hold the steering wheel too tightly so you can maneuver quickly and only brake if it's absolutely necessary.

If you start to slide on snow or ice and lose control of your back wheels, drive in the direction of your rear tires to correct it. Never drive beyond your ability, especially if you're not comfortable in bad weather.

Experts say driving with your hands at the "9 and 3" position will give you a little more flexibility when you're steering through snow and ice.

"It's not hard to drive in bad weather, it's the people out there with you that you have to be concerned about," said Lt. Nick Schiavarelli. "If it's that bad out, slow down. Leave early."

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