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Winter storm on the way


The southern half of Indiana is now under a Winter Storm Watch that begins Thursday at 7pm and goes until Friday 7pm.  As previously advertised, the brunt of this storm will likely hit areas south of I-70.



No worries on the roads in the morning, with some showers possible and temperatures well above freezing.  A burst of rain/sleet arrives around 4-5pm… but surface temperatures again should be above freezing and keep roads mostly wet.

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By 11pm temperatures are likely below freezing and roads will begin to get slick to icy… especially elevated surfaces and overpasses.

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We're still targeting Friday as very messy to dangerous day to be out driving.  Sub-freezing and areas of moderate to heavy sleet/snow are likely.

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We haven't deviated much from our initial snowfall forecast, only bumping the southern viewing area up a category into a 4″-7″+ range.  For now our forecast for the majority of the Indianapolis metro area holds at 2″ to 5″.


Remember this forecast is highly changeable and the snow zones are not in concrete.  Please allow some wiggle room and don't be surprised to see changes the next 24 hours.


Sleet is the forecast wildcard, and I think there might be plenty.  Exactly how much and where dictates whether you're on the low/high side of forecast.  Any heavy banded precipitation (which is also likely) could balloon snow totals in "some" places.


We're heading into a deep freeze and expect another system to arrive Sunday.  It's too early for specifics, but with snow on the ground I'm concerned for icy roads with a messy wintry mix.  Yes… those are "highs" in the teens next Tuesday and Wednesday.  That may actually be too warm!  Welcome to winter!

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