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FBI investigating fake bomb left at Indianapolis VA Hospital

Photo: IFD Photo: IFD
Employees wait outside. Employees wait outside.

The FBI is trying to find out who was behind a big scare Friday morning at the VA Medical Center in Indianapolis. Hospital officials evacuated over 1,000 people after someone found what looked like a real bomb.

"After 9/11, you never over react," said veteran Jim Humphries. He is one of the thousands of veterans whose day started with a scare.

Someone left a suspicious package which turned out to be a fake bomb inside the VA hospital.

"I don't know how log of a delay it was but I sat out here for about 20 to 30 minutes before I was able to go in," said Humphries.

A person reported the suspicious package to hospital security around 8:00 am Friday morning in the VA's 1950's building on W. 10th St.

Hospital personnel evacuated hundreds of employees and patients.

"We practice this. We prepare for this. We have plans for this. We have partnered with the city and they have been wonderful support to us," said Julie Webb, VA Medical Center.

Bomb squad workers ruled the suspicious package was not explosive. They also believe where and why it was left was no accident.

"They feel that somebody intentionally left it there. They have isolated the package and the area is blocked off and it is a crime scene," said Capt. Rita Burris, IFD.

Veterans arriving for early Friday appointments and needing medication were turned away for their own safety. But it was an inconvenience to many.

"I drove an hour and a half to get here so it is kind of a bother but it beats getting blown up," said veteran Greg Clinger.

At worst, it was a disrupted morning. But federal agents are determined to find out who left the fake bomb and why.  

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