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Women say man impersonating police officer was apartment security guard

Mug shot courtesy IMPD. Mug shot courtesy IMPD.

When Desiree Sanders saw 38-year-old Minh Nguyen's mug shot on the news this week and learned he was arrested for impersonating a police officer, she recognized him right away.

"I was like, 'oh my goodness, this is our security officer for our apartments' and I was like in shock," said Sanders.

Police arrested Nguyen outside of IMPD's Northwest District Headquarters Thursday as he waited along the procession route for fallen police officer Rod Bradway.

According to witnesses, Nguyen looked every bit the part, wearing a uniform and badge, along with a holstered gun, taking pictures from a 2012 Dodge Charger that had a siren, flashing lights and a 2-way radio.

According to police, Nguyen identified himself as an IMPD officer to a citizen also standing along the procession route, but an officer recognized the 38-year-old as someone who had been warned before about similar behavior.

Police said they later found guns, police uniforms and police equipment at Nguyen's home.

"That's scary. That's very scary," said Sanders.

Even more so, said Sanders, when she recalled Nguyen coming to her apartment at Forest Ridge Apartments after she said she told management about a suspicious man who had followed her home from a nearby gas station.

Sanders said management sent Nguyen to investigate.

"He had full badge, gun, taser, the belt. Everything. A name tag," Sanders explained.

She said Nguyen came into her apartment took a description of the suspicious man and told her the man probably was following her because she was an attractive woman.

Cordae Durr, who also lives at Forest Ridge Apartments said Nguyen also came to her apartment once after she made a noise complaint about a neighbor. She said Nguyen also commented on her appearance.

"When he walked in my house, he had a flashlight and he flashed it around my house," said Durr.

"He said I was very beautiful and I should model and why am I single and I was like,' I don't know why I'm single but aren't we here to talk about the noise complaint that I had,'" Durr recalled.

Both women said they saw Nguyen pull over cars inside the apartment complex and question drivers.

"He stopped, flashed his lights in the vehicle and a man had got out of the vehicle and he asked the man for his license, got back in the car," recalled Sanders of one occasion.

"He was really believable," added Durr, who said she never questioned his gun or equipment, even though security guards are not licensed to carry a firearm under state law.

According to police reports, Nguyen has had other run-ins with police for similar or questionable behavior.

According to an IMPD report from August 2004, witnesses reported Nguyen, in a white Ford Crown Victoria, using strobe lights to pull over vehicles on the far east side.

The report said Nguyen was wearing a security uniform and denied pulling cars over when questioned by police.

There is no record of charges for that incident.

In 2006, Nguyen was charged with unlawful use of a police radio. That charge was dismissed.

And in 2012, another IMPD report showed Nguyen was being investigated on suspicion of being a "peeping Tom" by a neighbor. No arrest was made.

A woman in the office at Forest Ridge Apartments told Eyewitness News she couldn't discuss the matter.

Nguyen is set to appear in court on the recent charges next Wednesday.

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