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Happy Birthday Flat Chuck

Flat Chuck, born July 27, 2012, is a Leo. Leos are impossible to miss, and Flat Chuck is no exception. Job one for Leos is making a good impression, and Flat Chuck did just that at the 2012 London Olympics. Leos are ambitious, with a strength of purpose that wants them to accomplish a great deal - Flat Chuck, in his first year, has traveled the world, visiting Kuwait, China, Singapore, Phillipines, Zambia, Australia, Peru, and Chile - just to name a few! Leos are known for making their endeavors fun for them - and everyone else. This is evident through the photos sent to WTHR of Flat Chuck during his fist year on earth. Take a look at the photos of Flat Chuck during his first year and see the other ways he is a Leo:

Take Flat Chuck on a New Adventure

Take Flat Chuck on his next adventure in year two! Click here to download Flat Chuck and details on how you could get a Flat Chuck T-Shirt.

Places Flat Chuck would like to go:
- The Moon
- The Indiana State Fair
- A cruise
- On stage at a concert
- Tour of a paper factory

Happy Birthday Flat Chuck


Flat Chuck's Birthday is July 27! Wish Flat Chuck a Happy Birthday by leaving a comment below.

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