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United Christmas Service

United Christmas Service 

Making Seasons Bright

The holidays are supposed to be a joyous season, a season of family-gathering and gift-giving. But some families in Indiana are struggling just to put food on the table during these tough economic times. Thousands of Hoosiers face job loss, medical crises or they live in poverty. Christmas is a luxury they can’t afford. Please share your blessings this holiday season with those less fortunate by helping United Christmas Service help them.




Organize a Donor Group
"Adopt a Family"
Participate in the donor program and be matched with a family in need. It’s a great experience! Donor groups are organized through companies, offices, neighborhood groups, churches, civic organizations, families and other groups. Be prepared to spend about $100 per family member to furnish food, clothing and toys. Each donor group has the opportunity to deliver wrapped gifts to the family they are matched with before Christmas. Last year, 1,006 families were adopted. Call (317) 924-1454 or visit www.uwci.org/ucs/


Send a Contribution

This year, it’s is necessary to raise at least $725,000 to help families with the greatest need throughout Central Indiana. Contributions are tax deductible. To contribute by credit card log onto: www.uwci.org/ucs/ or call (317) 921-1241.


To contribute by cash or check, please make checks payable to United Christmas Service and mail to:
United Christmas Service
P.O. Box 663753
Indianapolis, IN 46266-3753


To assure that your gift is available to help families this season, please make your contribution or adopt a family by Monday, December 19, 2005. For more information call (317) 924-1454 or log on www.uwci.org/ucs/

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