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21 Things You Can Do to Shatter the Silence


21 Things you can do to take a stand against domestic abuse

In your place of worship

1. Encourage information about domestic abuse and where to get help to be included in the congregation's programs, youth groups, marriage preparation, study groups, etc.

2. Establish a committee to promote awareness of the problem and how the congregation can help.

3. Organize a drive to collect food, toiletries, household goods, and other needed items for a local domestic abuse service agency.

In your workplace

4. Display posters or brochures (in break rooms, restrooms, or meeting rooms) to promote awareness of domestic abuse and how to get help.

5. Organize a Brown Bag lunch or other event for co-workers and invite a speaker to talk about solutions to the problem.

6. Ask what policies your employer has developed to keep employees safe from a domestic abuser who threatens the workplace.

In your schools and daycare

7. Encourage the editor of the school newspaper to have a special issue about teen dating violence and partner abuse.

8. Help your child organize a fundraiser to help a local domestic abuse service agency.

9. Educate teachers and other staff about the connection between child abuse and partner abuse.

10. Insist that all schools provide education on healthy and relationships based upon mutual respect.

In civic organizations, clubs, or neighborhood associations

11. Invite a speaker to educate members about domestic abuse and publish information about domestic abuse and available resources in the newsletter.

12. Organize a fundraising event or a food/toiletries drive to benefit a domestic abuse service agency.

13. "Adopt" a family seeking independence from an abuser to assist with practical needs.

In your community

14. Ask your local library to stock books on domestic abuse and to set up displays to educate the public about the issue.

15. Speak out against domestic abuse. Expressing your view that domestic abuse is unacceptable has a powerful effect on changing the norms that support abuse.

16. Write letters to newspaper editors or send commentaries to TV and radio to help raise awareness about domestic abuse.

17. Vote for public leaders who take a strong stand against domestic abuse.

18. Call 9-1-1 if you see or hear a crime of domestic abuse in progress. Write down license plate numbers, locations, and any other information that may be helpful to law enforcement.

19. Volunteer with a domestic violence service. Organizations need help with office activities, fundraising events, technical and professional services, and assistance to clients.

20. Donate used clothing and household goods to a program that gives these vital items to families seeking independence from an abuser.

21. Recognize, Respond, and Refer. If you or someone you know is being impacted by domestic abuse, there is help available. Educate yourself about domestic abuse by contacting domestic abuse service providers in Central Indiana.

For resources, presentations/speakers, and guidance on helping to shatter the silence, call 2-1-1, the Connect2Help phone line.

*To learn more about the Red Flags of Relationship Abuse for Teens and Adults, How to Talk to Your Teens about Healthy Relationships, How to Make a Safety Plan to Leave and more, go to WTHR's Shattering the Silence page.

Made possible by Partners Against Domestic Violence.

Partners Against Domestic Violence is a public awareness coalition funded by United Way of Central Indiana:

  • Breaking Free, Inc.
  • DVN (Domestic Violence Network)
  • Fresh Start of Indianapolis
  • Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence
  • The Julian Center
  • Marion County Family Advocacy Center
  • The Salvation Army
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