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IMPD under federal grand jury investigation; Officer in court

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Anthony Smith Anthony Smith
Smith on his way to court Monday morning. Smith on his way to court Monday morning.

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Indianapolis - As a Metro police officer was arraigned on a rape charge Monday, Eyewitness News has learned IMPD is bracing for the outcome of another investigation into officer conduct.

The new investigation involves a federal grand jury investigation into the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department underway right now. Sources close to the investigation won't say exactly what kind of officer conduct they are looking into, but that same source characterized the grand jury investigation as huge. There is no word on how many or which officers are the target of the investigation.

This all comes as the latest of several officers in trouble went to court Monday morning.

A court deputy escorted Metro Police Officer Anthony Shaun Smith in full restraints. The 36-year-old also wore orange inmate clothing to his initial court hearing.

"It detracts from, takes away from all the hard work that the men and women for the Indianapolis police department and law enforcement are doing," said David Wyser, Marion County deputy prosecutor.

Smith's friends and family attended the hearing including his wife who didn't want to go on camera. But she gave Eyewitness News a statement saying, "I am standing by my husband and I support him. If it was consensual then why is he being charged with rape?"

According to the probable cause statement, a 19-year-old woman driver says Smith demanded sex in exchange for not sending her to jail on an outstanding warrant. After getting in his police car, the woman says she accompanied Smith on two police runs, calling her boyfriend via cell phone.
The charges against Smith include rape, sexual misconduct and official misconduct, all which add up to serious jail time if convicted.

"Some of the counts would merge if he is convicted of everything but it's safe to say it's about 30 years he's facing," said Wyser.

Prosecutors say eventually Officer Smith admitted driving the 19-year-old to Brookside Industrial Park. But Smith insists what happened between the two of them was completely consensual.

Either way, prosecutors argue Smith was clearly on duty.

"While he was in a marked car and in uniform, committed these acts, which is prohibited by law to do," said Wyser.

Metro police chief Michael Spears has recommended termination for Anthony Smith. He remains at the Marion County Jail on an $80,000 bond.

The judge set his trial for October.

Eyewitness News will continue to follow this story as well as the grand jury investigation.



A Metro police officer charged with rape pleaded not guilty at a court hearing Monday.

Prosecutors filed several sex crimes charges against IMPD officer Anthony Smith, saying he took advantage of a woman wanted on a warrant.

The judge entered a preliminary not guilty plea for Officer Smith. Several friends and family members showed up for court Monday morning, including Officer Anthony Smith's wife.

A court deputy escorted officer Anthony Smith in full handcuff restraints and the standard orange inmate clothing. Right now Smith is held on an $80,000 bond. The 36-year-old officer faces a long list of sex crime related charges including rape, sexual misconduct and official misconduct.

A 19-year-old woman says Smith threatened her with jail for a warrant if she didn't have sex with him. Investigators say he eventually admitted to their encounter but insisted it was consensual.

"It's horrible, first, that it even occurred at all. And it makes it more egregious that he is or was a police officer and did this while on duty so it detracts and takes away from all the hard work that the men and women and law enforcement officers are doing," said David Wyser, Marion County deputy prosecutor.

Prosecutors wanted to hear from any other possible victims in Smith's case, but so far they have only heard from citizens who say they only felt like they were not treated fairly by Officer Smith.

If convicted on all the charges, Smith will face a maximum of about 30 years behind bars.

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