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IMPD officer suspended over sex allegation

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IMPD Chief Michael Spears IMPD Chief Michael Spears

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Indianapolis - A Metro Police officer has been suspended and is under investigation for what he allegedly did with a woman in his cruiser.  The woman claims the officer told her he would not arrest her in exchange for sex.

Metro police chief Michael Spears is dealing with yet another officer in trouble with the law.

"Regrettably we're gathered here again today to discuss the conscious and individual actions of an individual officer," he told reporters at a 4:30 pm press conference.

Spears says he suspended officer Anthony Shaun Smith without pay for violating department policy.

"That's the last time you'll ever hear me use the word officer, the title officer, with Mister Smith," Chief Spears said.

On August 15th, a 19-year-old woman driver says Smith stopped her at a Speedway gas station on Emerson Avenue just off I-70 east.

The woman claims Officer Smith told her he would not take her to jail on an outstanding warrant in exchange for sex. After accompanying him on at least two police runs that night, she reportedly complied with his ultimatum. Part of the investigation possibly includes video from gas station surveillance cameras.

Spears stopped short of commenting on just what exactly the allegations against Anthony Shaun Smith are. The chief said he hoped to present information to the prosecutor's office later this week.

"It's awkward and difficult to properly express my disgust, my feelings, about this individual and the actions he took without being able to lay out for you chapter and verse the allegations of the criminal charges," he said.

Officer Smith joined Metro police in 2007. Spears assigned him to late shift in the Northeast District in March of this year.

Internal Affairs investigators confiscated his police car to check for victim DNA evidence.

A very frustrated police chief reluctantly talked about one of his officers sworn to uphold the law now possibly getting punished for breaking it. This comes after he's already recommended termination of at least a half dozen other officers facing criminal charges.

"Once they consciously, intentionally step over the lines of our policies, good judgment and the law, I'm gonna be the first person on this police department to do everything I can to separate them from that badge," he said.

Officer Smith remains suspended without pay pending the outcome of the investigation. The case has also been turned over to Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi who could bring criminal charges against the officer.

At a Mayor's night out in Perry Township Tuesday, Mayor Greg Ballard commented on Smith's suspension, which comes after the chief has recommended the termination of six other IMPD officers in the past few months.

"It's disheartening that people we train, spent money on, train up, that's disheartening no question about that, but again it's the fact that there's a force on the department," Ballard said. "We want to be a good force. They want these bad officers rooted out soon. In a 1,600 member force you're going to have a few bad apples. "

Ballard said he wants the public to be able to trust the officers sworn to protect them and said he plans to talk to the chief about the training officers undergo before they can wear a badge.

"You need to look at the standards to make sure we're putting in the right people," Ballard said.

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