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Woman claims IMPD officer's beating caused miscarriage

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LaDonna Dixon claims she got these bruises from a beating that a police officer gave her. LaDonna Dixon claims she got these bruises from a beating that a police officer gave her.

September 2010 update:

IMPD chief rules assault claims have no basis

Indianapolis - Metro police say an investigation has found that a woman's assault claims against an IMPD officer have no basis.

LaDonna Dixon filed a lawsuit against the city, claiming the officer beat her so severely during an arrest that she suffered a miscarriage in June 2009. Police Chief Paul Ciesielski investigated the allegations of police brutality in Dixon's arrest.

"The Professional Standards investigation determined that there was no basis for Ms. Dixon's allegations. The police officer has been exonerated and the investigation is closed," Ciesielski said in a statement.

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Jennie Runevitch/Eyewitness News

Indianapolis - The Indianapolis Metro Police chief plans to investigate allegations of police brutality involving one of his officers.

An Indianapolis woman is suing the city in federal court. LaDonna Dixon claims the officer beat her so severely during an arrest that she had a miscarriage.

"[He was] punching me, kicking me, after he maced me," Dixon said.

"This person was angry, was enraged and just beat her," said Dixon's attorney, Everett Powell. "I would say it's a crime."

LaDonna Dixon is suing the city over what she claims happened in her yard last June. She says she was helping a friend who collapsed from a seizure and needed medicine.

When police arrived, the complaint says Officer Scott Childers told Dixon she was disrupting emergency crews and that she needed to get in her house.

Dixon admits she argued with Childers, but says that's when the officer turned violent.

"He says I was resisting arrest, but I don't see how I'm resisting when I'm already handcuffed and maced," Dixon said.

Dixon claims that the beating continued even after she told the officer she was three months pregnant. She says she miscarried at Marion County's arrestee processing center, just hours after her arrest.

"She was beaten so bad that she passed out," Powell said. "She was hemorrhaging directly after getting beaten like this."

Dixon says she was refused medical attention at the jail.

Her attorney filed a tort claim with the city last year.

It was denied in March, saying "a settlement is not warranted in this matter."

Now, Dixon has filed suit in federal court, seeking punishment for the officer in what she claims was an unnecessarily violent arrest.

"Justice, I mean...can't bring back my child," Dixon said.

Dixon's attorney fears a pattern in excessive force by police.

This lawsuit comes just a few weeks after a Metro officer was fired and another disciplined after beating an Indianapolis teenager.

Wednesday evening, Metro Police Chief Paul Ciesielski released the following statement:

"After claims of alleged police brutality being brought to my attention today, I have begun a review process of the arrest of Ms. Ladonna Dixon on June 21, 2009 at 6132 Nelson Place. We have decided to voluntarily review this arrest and will release more information once this review is completed."

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