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Mountain lion spotted in rural Greene County

Picture courtesy DNR Picture courtesy DNR

Greene County - The Department of Natural Resources confirmed a mountain lion sighting in Greene County east of Bloomfield. The DNR collects data and reports sightings on the animals.

Scott Johnson, the DNR's non-game mammal biologist and member of the DNR Division of Fish and Wildlife's team, verified the report. He made the determination from photographs taken by motion-sensitive game cameras placed in the area after a preliminary investigation found evidence consistent with mountain lion behavior, including an eviscerated deer carcass buried under a pile of leaves.

The cameras were set on April 30, and multiple images of a mountain lion were captured at approximately 2:30 a.m. on May 1.

Johnson was contacted after a conservation officer from the DNR Division of Law Enforcement received a call from a citizen. Conservation officers helped Johnson set the trail cameras and have been informing local residents of the mountain lion's presence.

More from DNR:

Mountain lions are known by many names, including cougar, puma, catamount and panther. Historically, mountain lions (Puma concolor) lived in most of the eastern United States, including Indiana. Different published reports cite the last documented case of a wild mountain lion in Indiana as somewhere between 1850 and 1865.

The chance of encountering a mountain lion today in Indiana is almost non-existent, but people should be alert to their surroundings. If an encounter does happen, the MLRT points to advice from authorities in Western states, where mountain lions are more common:

Do not approach a mountain lion. Give it a way to escape.

Do not run from a mountain lion. Instead, stand and face the animal. Make eye contact.

Do not crouch or bend over. Do all you can to appear larger. Raise your arms, open your jacket or shirt. Wave your arms slowly and speak firmly in a loud voice.

Hold children and pets near you.

Fight back if attacked using big sticks, stones, or any other available items.

Since the policy's inception March 1, 19 mountain lion sightings have been reported. The report in Greene County is the only one confirmed to be a mountain lion.

Mountain lions are a protected species in Indiana, but state law allows a resident landowner or tenant to kill a mountain lion while it is causing damage to property owned or leased by the landowner/tenant. If the landowner/tenant wishes to have someone else take the mountain lion, that person is required to secure a permit from the DNR Division of Fish & Wildlife.

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