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Noblesville students released after bomb threat

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Chris Proffitt/Eyewitness News

Noblesville - A phony bomb threat prompted Noblesville school administrators to cancel classes Friday.

It happened roughly 20 minutes before the first bell rang at Noblesville High School while many students were still en route on buses while others had just arrived.

"Noblesville Police received a call this morning saying there were bombs at our high school," said Mark Booth, director of student services.

Within moments, police contacted Noblesville High School officials who evacuated the building.

"As I was walking in the hallway, they said code green and no one knew what to do and teachers started telling us to come out of the school," said Tanner Watson, a student.

Buses carrying many of the school's 2,400 students were rerouted to Noblesville Middle School.

"Over at the middle school, it was chaotic. No one had control. There were a bunch of students there. I didn't know what to do," said Nick Coffeen, student.

Police with bomb-sniffing dogs searched the 480,000-square-foot main campus building.

"We began searches of the area to see if we could find any items that were unusual or out of the ordinary," said Lt. Bruce Barnes, Noblesville Police.

Expecting that the searching and securing the building could last hours, school officials dismissed classes just after 8:30 am and sent students home. Roughly two hours later, police called off the search saying that they found nothing suspicious, and that the threat was likely a hoax.

"The first, second and third rule of school safety is that we're going to err on the side of safety. If there's a bomb threat, we evacuate and get the children as far away as we can," said Booth.

Now police continue the search for whoever called in a phony threat, saying that the investigation is a high priority.

School officials are encouraging parents to talk to their children about making any kind of threats about school safety. Anyone found to be making threats will face serious discipline action at school and also could face issues with the legal system.

Both high school campuses will reopen on their normal schedule on Monday.

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