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Pacers' Morris: Team has lost $200M

Jim Morris, Pacers Sports and Entertainment president Jim Morris, Pacers Sports and Entertainment president

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Indianapolis - The Indiana Pacers say they are losing millions of dollars each year, far more than previously reported.

"Almost every year [Mel and Herb Simon] have owned the team, they've lost money. The cumulative losses probably approach something in the neighborhood of $200 million," said Pacers Sports and Entertainment President Jim Morris.

Morris says the team needs help. They're talking with the city's Capital Improvement Board, which operates Conseco Fieldhouse about the options, particularly who pays for maintenance of the facility. Right now the Pacers cover the cost, estimated at $15 million a year, and Morris said they can no longer afford it.

"The Pacers are not asking for help for the team. That's our responsibility to operate the team, but the team does not have the financial capacity to operate the building," Morris said.

Morris said there were at least a dozen other issues it needed to address, including the revenue the city now gets from the Virginia Avenue garage. He attributed the Pacers' financial troubles to a number of factors, including the 2004 brawl in Detroit and several off-court incidents that followed hurt attendance. While Morris said it's up about 1,500 per game this season, it still lags.

"The average gate revenue for an NBA game this year is in the neighborhood of $900,000, our average is something below $500,000," Morris said.

Morris said NBA salaries have "gone up substantially." He also said NBA revenue sharing is limited and the Pacers TV revenue has been well below the NBA average.

Even though the Pacers get all the revenue from all the other events at Conseco Fieldhouse concerts, Morris said, most events are "tightly controlled by the promoters...the margins are very, very thin and not significant in the overall operation of the enterprise."

The Pacers and CIB are reviewing the team's contract at what CIB board member Pat Early calls "an extremely hard time."

The CIB finds itself millions in the red.

"It's a lot of things hitting us at once," Early said. "We've dealt with issues like this before but they're all stacking up."

The CIB is looking at everything from raising hospitality taxes to opening a casino to plug its deficit. As for the Pacers' future?

Morris stressed, "There's never been any suggestion the team would leave Indianapolis. No one wants the team to leave Indianapolis."

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