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Three dead in Greenwood construction accident

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Emily Longnecker/Eyewitness News

Greenwood - Three workers are dead and two were seriously injured in an accident at a construction site Thursday afternoon.

Police think a severe thunderstorm and high winds may have brought down a concrete block wall. When it came down, police say several of those workers were underneath. 

"Three workers were pronounced dead at the scene and two were transported to Indianapolis hospitals with serious injuries," said Greenwood Police Chief Joe Pitcher.

According to the Johnson County coroner, two of the construction workers killed were cousins from Mexico. The other man killed was from Honduras. The coroner says the two injured workers were also from Mexico.

"It is tragic," said Chief Pitcher.

According to police, the building under construction belonged to Dayton Freight. The coroner says the workers were with Cornerstone Masonry, a subcontractor for Renier Construction out of Columbus.

"The wall came completely down so I have no idea how high they had constructed it when it fell," said Pitcher.

Bill Calvert, who lives across from where the building was going up, says he saw some of the workers on top of scaffolding as a storm rolled in just after 4:00 pm.

"I thought they out to be getting off there, that lightning, you know. That might draw lightning," Calvert said.

Calvert says he went inside when the wind picked up. "Real windy. It [blew] as hard as I've ever seen it blow here," he said.

Ten minutes later, Calvert said the storm was over but then heard something else.

"I heard sirens coming from everywhere. They was running up and down this road," he said.

An hour later, OSHA investigators and the coroner joined the scene while construction workers sat nearby seemingly still in shock.

The Johnson County coroner says it appears to be an accident at this point. But Indiana OSHA and the county's forensic engineer were on scene checking for code failures. They'll also be checking the National Weather Service to determine if there were straight line winds in the area at that time that could have brought that wall down.

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