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Statement of the International Sleep Products Association


Note: The following statement was issued by the International Sleep Products Association on the issue of materials used in mattresses.

In the absence of medical records, it would be inappropriate to comment on any individual's health concerns.   

The Consumer Product Safety Commission, after examining overwhelming scientific evidence over a six-year period, determined that the materials used by mattresses manufacturers to meet the 2007 flammability standard are safe for consumers as well as mattress factory workers.  Because these mattresses delay the spread of fire, they will save hundreds of lives each year, save hundreds more from painful, disfiguring burn injuries, and save hundreds of millions of dollars in property losses.  

With specific regard to possible respiratory and other reactions by consumers or workers to these materials, the CPSC noted that:

Non-allergic asthma and rhinitis are generally associated with exposure to respiratory irritants such as combustion products, environmental tobacco smoke, dusts, and solvents, while allergic asthma and rhinitis symptoms are most often associated with exposures to airborne biological substances, such as animal dander, insect wastes, molds, and pollen. 

By comparison, the CPSC noted that the materials mattress manufacturers are using to meet the fire standard are generally non-volatile, are not associated with fragrances or odors, and are not derived from biological materials.

There is, to our knowledge, not a single scientific study that supports the theory that consumers are better off risking their lives, families and property to avoidable fire danger rather than sleeping on federally-mandated mattresses that CPSC says are safe.

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