Smoke Detector Reservation - 13 WTHR Indianapolis

Smoke Detector Reservation

WTHR-TV and hhgregg arranged to ship thousands of dual-sensor (featuring both ionization and photoelectric technology) smoke detectors to central Indiana. (Read WTHR's report Deadly Delay, which explains how not all smoke detectors are the same.)

The smoke detectors are now available at hhgregg stores central Indiana locations for $19.97, which is up to $10 off the regular retail price.  After launching this community service project in May, several other local retailers started offering dual-sensor smoke alarms for less than $20, as well. Indiana's Fire Marshal recommends installing a dual-sensor smoke alarm (or a photoelectric smoke alarm alongside an ionization smoke alarm) on every level of your home.

While the dual-sensor smoke alarms were first offered on a reservation basis, most hhgregg stores are now well stocked and no reservation is necessary. However, because of the heightened demand for dual-sensor smoke alarms following WTHR's "Deadly Delay" series and the state fire marshal's recent smoke alarm recommendations, you may want to call ahead to your nearest hhgregg location to make sure the alarms are in currently stock.

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